Daily Comfort

July 9

The Lord supports all who fall, and lifts up all who are bent over. — Ps 145:14 NET

God never gets tired helping us learn our lessons. No matter how often we fail, he is ready to give us another chance. When we fail to have our lesson learned, he does not give us up, putting us out of his school–but tells us to take the lesson over again and try to get it better. Only think how often we have to try–before we do things as he wants us to do them, how often we fall in trying to walk, before we learn to walk. If our great Teacher were not patient with us–we would never become like Christ; but he never wearies of our slowness. He is pleased with our efforts, however faulty they are, and has for us always an encouraging word.

Daily Comfort - July 9

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.