Daily Comfort

June 29

He prayed: “O Lord, God of Israel, there is no god like you in heaven above or on earth below! You maintain covenantal loyalty to your servants who obey you with sincerity. — 1 Kgs 8:23 NET

Prayer is not all request and supplication. We ought not to speak to God merely and only–when we want some favor from his hand. Much of all true prayer is adoration and praise. A loving child-heart always seeks to express its love and confidence.

“There is no God like you.” The heathen have their idols–but our God is not like them. They see not, hear not, love not, care not for those who worship them. Our God loves and keeps covenant. What he promises he performs. His Word never fails, is never broken. What a strong confidence it gives us–to be sure that the God in whom we trust always keeps his Word! Not a promise of his ever has been broken.

There is something else here which we must not overlook. We should never cut Bible sentences in two in the middle, for if we do we shall get only half truths. God keeps covenant; but to every covenant there are two sides, and we have something to do to secure what he has promised. He keeps covenant with those who “continue wholeheartedly in your way.” That is our part, and it should be our continual care to be faithful to God in all our ways. There is no danger that he will fail us; let us take heed that we do not fail in our part.

Daily Comfort - June 29

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.