Daily Comfort

June 30

Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice? For my mouth speaks truth, and my lips hate wickedness. — Prov 8:1,7-Prov NET

In this world’s counsels–there is a great deal of guessing and speculating. Friends advise us, and intend to speak only what is true; yet by reason of the limitation of their knowledge, they may often give wrong counsel. Bad advice, though well meant and honestly given, has wrecked many a life. But here is counsel that is always absolutely true. The words that this divine Wisdom speaks to us–are always infallibly right words. Here is a Guide, in whose leading we may put implicit confidence. Here is a Counselor, whose counsel is always safe, because always right and true.

Those who abandon themselves utterly to the Word of God, follow its counsels and obey its every precept, are sure of blessedness in two worlds. It never has been heard that the Bible took any person on a course which ended in disaster, or in any loss or dishonor. It always leads in right paths; and these right paths are safe throughout, and have their unvarying destination in the highest good and blessedness of those who pass over them.

Daily Comfort - June 30

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.