Daily Comfort

October 19

“Even today my complaint is still bitter; his hand is heavy despite my groaning. — Job 23:2 NET

Job does not mean that he was rebellious–but that even with his submission to the divine will, he could hardly keep his pain from breaking out in cries. If we are God’s children, we should bear even the greatest sufferings without complaining. It may not always be possible to repress the outcries of anguish; but even if our affliction is too full of pain to be altogether repressed, we should not have in our heart, any rebellious feeling toward God.

An English writer tells of two birds, and how they acted when put into a cage. One bird flew violently against the wires of its prison, in unavailing efforts to escape, only bruising its own wings in the struggle. The other bird perched itself on the bar, and began to pour forth from its little throat, bursts of sweet song. We know well which bird was the wiser, which had learned the best way to meet hard conditions.

Some people are like the foolish bird–when they are in trouble they chafe, cry out, and complain. The result is, they only hurt themselves, make themselves more miserable, and do not in any sense lessen their trouble. It is wiser always, as well as more pleasing to God–for us to bear our trials patiently, singing songs of faith–rather than complaining in rebellion and discontent. Thus we take the bitterness out of trial, making it sweet.

Daily Comfort - October 19

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.