Mornings With God

February 15

Then John’s disciples came and took the body and buried it and went and told Jesus. — Matt 14:12 NET

When one dies in our home, and our hearts are breaking, we should go and tell Jesus. It will do us good to tell Him.

We may not care to tell our trouble to any human friend. Some sorrows are too sacred to be unveiled to any eyes. But we need never shrink from telling Jesus. He can understand our grief, for He knows all human pain, not alone as God, but as man, for He experienced all sorrow. He will treat our sorrow, too, with most delicate gentleness.

The very words spoken in love to comfort us fall ofttimes with rude impact upon our bruised heart and give fresh pain. The gentlest touch of a human hand hurts where it is meant to help. But the voice of Jesus is so gentle that its tones fall like soothing music on the quivering heart, and the hand of Jesus is so skilful that its touch gives healing.

We need never fear to tell Jesus of our sorrow: He is the truest Comforter and the wisest Healer of hurt hearts.

Mornings With God - February 15

Public domain content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.