Mornings With God

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February 24

But the person who endures to the end will be saved. — Matt 24:13 NET

This is a world of peril and danger.

The day, which opens with calmness and beauty may end in disaster and trial. The words of the Master here tell of great calamities – wars and rumors of wars, the clashing of nations, famines, earthquakes, and these, He says, would be but the beginning of troubles. There would be persecution for His friends, which would try their loyalty, and in the testing(s) many would fail.

But in all these dark days one clear light would shine.

Those who would endure to the end should be saved. We have this comfort in all life’s trials. We cannot avoid suffering. We must meet temptation, but we know that if only we continue faithful, resisting even unto blood, no temptation can harm us. If we endure to the end we shall be saved. Nothing can wrest us out of Christ’s hands, nothing but unfaithfulness.

If we endure, we shall come out victors over every enemy and every danger, through Him who loves us.

Mornings With God - February 24

Public domain content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.