Mornings With God

March 14

The Lord said to him, “I have answered your prayer and your request for help that you made to me. I have consecrated this temple you built by making it my permanent home; I will be constantly present there. — 1 Kgs 9:3 NET

No privilege that could be granted to any one in this world is so great as that of having God accept and use something of ours.

One writes a hymn, like the twenty–third psalm, or “Rock of Ages, cleft for me,” and God accepts it. Thousands sing it, and are lifted by it nearer to God. Or one writes a book, and Christ accepts it and allows it to carry blessing to many people, giving comfort in sorrow, strength in weakness, light in darkness, guidance in perplexity.

Instead of making one proud to be thus used, it should make one more humble. Especially should he walk softly and carefully now, since God is using him; for God’s seal is on him.

That is what God meant when He said to Solomon that He had heard his prayer and had accepted the Temple which he had built, putting His name there. He meant that the acceptance of this work placed the king under new obligations to be faithful, made his life sacred thenceforward forever.

Mornings With God - March 14

Public domain content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.