Daily Strength for Daily NeedsDaily Strength for Daily Needs

March 17

Where hast thou gleaned to-day? — Ruth 2:19 WEB

What have I learnt where’er I’ve been,
From all I’ve heard, from all I’ve seen?
What know I more that’s worth the knowing?
What have I done that’s worth the doing?
What have I sought that I should shun?
What duties have I left undone?

All of this world will soon have passed away. But God will remain, and thou, whatever thou hast become, good or bad. Thy deeds now are the seed-corn of eternity. Each single act, in each several day, good or bad, is a portion of that seed. Each day adds some line, making thee more or less like Him, more or less capable of His love.

There is something very solemn in the thought that that part of our work which we have left undone may first be revealed to us at the end of a life filled up, as we had fondly hoped, with useful and necessary employments. —SARAH W. STEPHEN.

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Daily Strength for Daily Needs - March 17

Public domain content taken from Daily Strength for Daily Needs by Mary Wilder Tileston.

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