Our Daily Walk

September 10

The Attraction Of Christ's Humanity

Large crowds followed him, and he healed them there. — Matt 19:2 NET

When they found him, they said, “Everyone is looking for you.” — Mark 1:37 NET

A sentence which was once uttered in a Roman theatre, and welcomed with thunderous plaudits was abundantly true of the Son of Man—“I am a Man, and nothing that touches humanity is foreign to Me.” This was true during His earthly life, and it is true always, and of this we have ample illustration in the Gospel story.

Our Lord blesses man and wife as they live in holy wedlock; He takes their children in His arms; inspires young men and women with the loftiest ideals; warns men against the evil use of wealth and power; promises to those who are willing to pass through this life, denying themselves the joys of home-life, parents, and children for His sake, that they shall be infinitely compensated.

There is no phase of human life which Jesus is not willing to share, and through all relationships and circumstances He waits to breathe the fragrance of perfect love. Is not that a boon which we all need, but which so many miss? Why do so many marriages turn out ill? Is it not often because each seeks rather to get than to give, to be ministered to rather than to minister? If each were inspired by a love that made the other the centre of thought and care and tenderness, the wedding-bells would ring on through all the passing years.

Christ’s love is so attractive that when He is rightly presented boys and girls will turn to Him as flowers turn to the sun. Alas! that by our evil example and failure we so often forbid them. How poor is our appreciation and response to His love! We are willing to keep the commandments of a moral and respectable life because it suits and pleases us, but when it comes to following Him and renouncing wealth, position, and self-pleasing for His dear sake, we turn back! We admire His ideals and teaching, but so often go sorrowfully away because we really love ourselves more than we love Him!


Higher than the highest heavens, Deeper than the deepest sea. Lord, Thy love at last hath conquered; Grant me now my soul's petition, None of self, and all of Thee. Amen.

Our Daily Walk - September 10

Public domain content taken from Our Daily Walk by F.B. Meyer.