Daily Word of God

February 14

Our Every-Day Life

John answered them, “The person who has two tunics must share with the person who has none, and the person who has food must do likewise.” — Luke 3:11 NET

In John’s several answers to the different inquiries made of him we see that religion is not something entirely apart from our every-day life. He did not tell these men to fast for a week, or to leave their business and retire to a monastery, or to enter upon a long course of devotions. Nothing of the kind. They were to begin at once to live according to God’s commandments in their own particular calling, to do their every-day work religiously. The “people” were to begin to practise the law of love, thus giving up their greed and selfishness. The “publicans” were to cease to practise extortion, and begin to deal honestly and justly with all men. The “soldiers” were to refrain from all acts of violence. He did not tell them to give up their calling, but to do their duty as good and true men in their calling, to carry the principles of true religion into all their actions.

It is well for us to catch this lesson. A good many people think that being a Christian is to pray a few moments morning and evening, to read a daily chapter or two in the Bible, and to attend church on the Sabath. These duties are important as means of grace, but they are not religion. Religion is living out the principles of Christianity in one’s ordinary week-day life. It is getting the Bible and the prayers and the services into thought and act and character. We must not cut our lives in two and call one part secular, governing it by one set of principles, and regarding the other part as sacred, to be controlled by another set of rules. All life is to be made religious in the sense that everything is to be done in such a way as to please God, under the direction of His counsel. We have just as much religion as we get into our week-day life, and not a whit more. Whatever we do, even to eating and drinking, we should do in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Daily Word of God - February 14

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.