Daily Word of God

July 1

The Touch of Faith

Jesus knew at once that power had gone out from him. He turned around in the crowd and said, “Who touched my clothes?” — Mark 5:30 NET

How did he know that one touch amid all the jostling of the crowd? The multitude were close about Him, pressing up against Him. The disciples even thought it strange that He should ask such a question. The people could not help touching Him. Ah, but there was one touch different from all the rest! There was a heart’s cry in it, a piteous earnest supplication. It was not like the jostling of the crowd, an accidental or a thoughtless touch, the mere touch of nearness; there was a soul in it. So, amid all the rude pressure of the multitude, He recognized it.

In every church service all are near to Christ, but all are not blessed. All press up against Christ, but some go away as they came, carrying with them sores unhealed, weakness unstrengthened, heart-hunger unfulfilled. Others, sitting close by, receive rich help. The first, though near, reach out no hand of faith, while the others touch the hem of Christ’s garment.

The services of the Church may be compared to telegraph wires through which messages are all the while passing. You may climb up and put your ear to the wire, or hold it in your hand; but you will not hear a word of all the important messages that are flashing through it. But let an operator come with his instrument and attach it, and he hears every word. So in the services we touch the invisible wires that bind heaven and earth together. Along these wires messages are flying up from earth to heaven, prayers, praises, heart cries, faith filled desires; down from heaven to earth answers of comfort, cheer, joy, and help, blessings of pardon, healing, life, peace. But many know nothing of all this, no flash of healing, new life, joy, or help comes to them; they are close, but have no faith attachment. The others touch by prayer and faith.

Daily Word of God - July 1

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.