Daily Word of God

July 9

The Missionary Spirit

Then they departed and went throughout the villages, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere. — Luke 9:6 NET

A great many people do not do this. They come to Christ and hear His command, but they do not go, or at least they do not preach and heal. They do not carry to other homes and to other lives the sweet blessings of mercy and health they have themselves received. Surely this is very ungrateful to Christ, when we remember all He has done for us. Then it is also very selfish, when we have found such joys, not to try to share them with others who need them..

Christ wants to get the gospel into every home in the world; and the way He wants to do this is through the hearts and hands of those whom he has already saved. If we do not carry the good news, the lost will not receive it at all. It is told of a boy who was converted that at once he started to walk, (for he was poor, and could not buy a ticket on the railroad) away to a place in the West, more than a thousand miles from his home, to tell his brother about Christ. History relates that the early Christians, many of them, were so eager to carry Christ’s gospel everywhere that they even hired themselves out as servants or sold themselves as slaves, that they might be admitted into the homes of the rich and great among the heathen, to live there, and thus have opportunity to tell in those homes of the love of Jesus and of His salvation.

It would have great power in shaping our lives for usefulness for us to consider ourselves under a divine commission to advance the kingdom of our Lord by bringing others under its holy sway. So long as we merely regard ourselves as sinners saved by grace, with no further responsibility, we shall be of very little use. But when we become conscious that we are apostles, every one of us, sent to witness for Christ, we shall become blessings.

Daily Word of God - July 9

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.