Daily Word of God

November 8

The Baffled Tempter

“Simon, Simon, pay attention! Satan has demanded to have you all, to sift you like wheat, — Luke 22:31 NET

Peter was put through Satan’s winnowing; but the chaff only in him was blown out. He was a smaller man after the winnowing, just as the bulk of the wheat pile is reduced when the chaff is blown out; but he was a better man. He lost his rashness, his self-confidence, his pride, and came again a humble man, but stronger, majestic, — a power to bless the world.

Thus through the grace of Christ even the falls of believers are made to work for their good. Much of the grandeur and power of Peter’s after life came out of that costly lesson.” The oyster mends its shell with a pearl.” Where the ugly wound was there comes a gem, hiding the scar, and making it a spot of lustrous beauty. So true repentance of sins changes the weakness of our lives into strength. If we are Christ’s true followers, even our defeats become blessings. Longfellow says of Peter’s sifting,—

One look of that pale, suffering face
Will make us feel the deep disgrace
    Of weakness;
We shall be sifted till the strength
Of self-conceit be changed at length
    To meekness.

Wounds of the soul, though healed, will ache.
the reddening scars remain and make
Lost innocence returns no more;
We are not what we were before

But noble souls through dust and heat
Rise from disaster and defeat
    The stronger;
And conscious still of the
Divine Within them, lie on earth supine
    No longer.

Daily Word of God - November 8

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.