Daily Wisdom

September 17

The Lord’s loyal followers receive his guidance, and he reveals his covenantal demands to them. — Ps 25:14 NET

“The secret of the Lord” (that is, present possession) “IS with those who fear him; and he WILL show them” (that is, something future) “his covenant.” This shows, that while all the people of God, who fear his name, have the secret with them, that is, a measure of the secret, yet all the people of God have not the covenant revealed to them at the same time with the secret. The “secret” is in the present tense; the “showing of the covenant” is in the future.

It is very sweet to see how the Holy Spirit has discriminated between these blessings. If, for instance, it had run thus, “The secret of the Lord is with those who fear him, and he shows to them his covenant,” some doubting, desponding child of God might say, “How can I be one of those that fear God? for it says, God shows to them his covenant, and he has not shown it to me yet.” But being put in the future tense, “he will show to them his covenant,” it takes the form of a promise, and so is just adapted and sweetly suited to their needs. This covenant is the covenant that “stands fast for evermore;” the everlasting covenant of grace, which stands in the Person, love, blood, and work of the Son of God; the covenant made by a Triune Jehovah, on behalf of the elect, before the world was.

What a suitable foundation for a poor tottering heart! The Lord in showing this covenant unto those who fear him, shows them that it is all of grace, and therefore meets all their unworthiness and superabounds over all the aboundings of their sin; that it is more than a match for their aggravated iniquities, and will land them safe in glory, because God has determined to bring them there. Nothing but a covenant of grace can suit a poor tried soul, who knows his helplessness and worthlessness; and the Lord shows this to those who fear him.

Daily Wisdom - September 17

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.C. Philpot.