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March 31

Healing Sickness

Jesus went about all Galilee ... preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness. — Matt 4:23

It is sometimes charged that religion is only for people’s souls, that it gives no care to their bodies. But the charge is without foundation. The most casual glance over the gospel story shows that Jesus Himself was deeply moved by the people’s sufferings, and was continually putting forth His power to heal them. Nearly all His great works were miracles of healing.

Then it should be remembered that the whole system of institutions for the relief of suffering and for the care of sufferers — hospitals, asylums for all classes of unfortunate people, and homes for the orphaned and the aged and the insane — is the fruit of Christianity. Wherever angels of mercy go among the sick, the wounded the suffering, ministering in any way to their comfort, there Jesus goes about with sympathy and healing. He cares not alone for men’s souls, but for their bodies as well. Any trouble of ours whatsoever, whether of body, mind, or soul, moves Him with compassion.

It is a great comfort to know that while we may not expect miraculous healing of our bodily illnesses, we are sure at least that our Lord is not indifferent to these distresses; that He designs to us them for our spiritual benefit; that he is ready to give us the grace we need to endure them patiently and submissively; and that He is ready to heal us when His wise purpose in these afflictions has been accomplished. So we may be sure always of the sympathy, love, and help of Christ in all our sickness. He sits constantly in every Christian sick-room, and where faith is strong and clear He gives great comfort and peace. When he was on earth he did not go very often to the places of festivity, but whenever there was anyone sick in a home He was sure to go there. Sickness and pain draw Him to us, and whenever He comes He brings benedictions.

Daily Word of God - March 31

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.

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