Daily Comfort

July 13

Joshua son of Nun, the Lord’s servant, died at the age of one hundred ten. — Judg 2:8 NET

We have no elaborate account of the closing scenes of this godly man’s life. Many chapters are filled with accounts of his life, his work, his wise words, and his many activities; but all we know about his death is told in this one little phrase. If he had lived in these days–the scenes of his death would have been described with glowing pen. We would have known what his last words were, how he met the end, whether with or without fear; what dying testimony he left to the power of divine grace. But not a word have we, about any of these things. We are told simply, in the briefest possible words, that ‘he died’.

The same is true of all Bible saints. We have no death-bed scenes, no descriptions of dying experiences. The meaning of this, is that it matters very little how a man dies; living is the important thing. Not many people have raptures in the last hour. Some, whose lives have been very Christly, die without any remarkable manifestation of faith or any joyous experiences. Then sometimes those who have not lived a Christian life at all–seem to have the greatest raptures in their last hours. All this proves that it is living, not dying–which tests one’s character. In such a man as Joshua, it mattered not whether he had a triumphant end, or sank away in the shadows of old age, and died without a word of ecstasy. His life was his testimony. He needed no other.

Daily Comfort - July 13

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.