Daily Comfort

November 8

My child, if your heart is wise, then my heart also will be glad; — Prov 23:15 NET

Every true father is affectionately interested in the lives of his children. His own joy, in later years, depends largely upon the way they live. He is made very happy by seeing them make something noble and worthy of their lives, and living honorably and righteously among men.

Notice here, also, the place of the heart–in the making of the life. We are never better–than our own heart. If our heart is evil, full of wrong thoughts, dispositions, and tempers–then our character cannot be lovely and winning. “Beautiful thoughts–make a beautiful soul.” As we think in our heart–so we are.

There is a thought here for parents. If they would have happiness in seeing their children live beautiful lives, they must do more than give them good and wise counsels. Solomon was splendid at advising. His words are full of wisdom. If followed faithfully, they will build into a life, whatever things are true, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely. But we know how Solomon lived. It is little wonder that his son did not turn out well. Other parents need to guard against the same fatal mistake. No matter how well they may advise, if they do not themselves live godly lives–they will probably draw their children with them to ruin! They cannot by good advice, overcome the force of bad example.

Daily Comfort - November 8

Public domain content taken from Devotional Writings by J.R. Miller.