Evening Prayer

Morning Prayer

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Tuesday Evening, Week 4

We lift up our hearts to You, O God, at this evening hour. We are grateful to You for the mercies and favors of the day. You have kept us from harm. You have provided for our needs, giving us our daily bread and supplying our necessities. You have prospered us in our work, and helped us in our tasks.

We have not had our own way in all matters. Some of the things we desired, we did not receive. Some of our plans, we were not permitted to carry out. Some of the hopes that were in our hearts in the morning, were not realized. We had to take up our cross at times, and deny ourselves. But we believe that these painful things were as really parts of Your loving plan for us — as were the things that were agreeable and pleasant. All Your ways are mercy and truth. In whatever guise Your will is made known to us — we know that it is goodness and love. So we accept the unpleasant things that came to us today, with the same confidence and trust that we take the pleasant things. Help us to say cheerfully and with unquestioning faith, "May Your will be done," and may we get the blessing that You put into the painful things.

We leave the day now with You. We shall never see it again until we meet it when the books are opened before Your great white throne. We can change nothing we have done. We can unsay no unkind word we have spoken. We can correct no mistakes, recall no unkindnesses, withdraw no evil influence we have let loose in this world. We can only leave the day with You. You are merciful and gracious. Have compassion upon us. Deal leniently with the day which is gone out of our hands, for Jesus' sake. Amen.

Tuesday Evening, Week 4

Public domain content taken from Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks by J.R. Miller.