Morning and Evening

November 11


Underneath are the everlasting arms. — Deut 33:27

God—the eternal God—is Himself our support at all times and especially when we are sinking in deep trouble! There are seasons when the Christian sinks very low in humiliation. Under a deep sense of his great sinfulness, he is humbled before God until he scarcely knows how to pray, because he appears, in his own sight, so worthless. Well, child of God, remember that when you are at your worst and lowest—yet “underneath” you “are His everlasting arms.” Sin may drag you ever so low but Christ’s great atonement is still under all. You may have descended into the deeps but you cannot have fallen so low as “the uttermost”; and to the uttermost He saves.

Again, the Christian sometimes sinks very deeply in sore trials. Every earthly prop is cut away. What then? Still underneath him are “His everlasting arms.” He cannot fall so deep in distress and affliction, but what the covenant grace of an ever-faithful God will still encircle him. The Christian may be sinking under trouble from within through fierce conflict but even then he cannot be brought so low as to be beyond the reach of “His everlasting arms.” They are underneath him; and, while thus sustained, all Satan’s efforts to harm him avail nothing.

This assurance of God’s support—is a comfort to any weary but earnest worker in the service of God. It implies a promise of strength for each day, grace for each need, and power for each duty.

And, further, when death comes, the promise shall still hold good. When we stand in the midst of the swelling river of death, we shall be able to say with David, “I will fear no evil—for You are with me!” We shall descend into the grave but we shall go no lower, for His everlasting arms prevent our further fall. All through life, and at its close, we shall be upheld by “His everlasting arms” arms that neither flag nor lose their strength, for “the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth—He never grows faint or weary.”


He shall choose our inheritance for us. — Ps 47:4

Believer, if your inheritance is a lowly one—you should be satisfied with your earthly portion; for you may rest assured that it is the fittest for you. Unerring wisdom ordained your lot, and selected for you the safest and best condition.

A ship of large tonnage is to be brought up the river; now, in one part of the stream there is a sandbank; should someone ask, “Why does the captain steer through the deep part of the channel and deviate so much from a straight line?” His answer would be, “Because I should not get my vessel into harbor at all—if I did not keep to the deep channel.” Just so, it may be, you would run aground and suffer shipwreck, if your divine Captain did not steer you into the depths of affliction where waves of trouble follow each other in quick succession.

Some plants die if they have too much sunshine. It may be that you are planted where you get but little sunshine, you are put there by the loving Gardener, because only in that situation will you bring forth fruit unto perfection.

Remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are—divine love would have put you there! You are placed by God in the most suitable circumstances, and if you had the choosing of your lot, you would soon cry, “Lord, choose my inheritance for me, for by my self-will I am pierced through with many sorrows!”

Be content with such things as you have, since the Lord has ordered all things for your good. Take up your own daily cross; it is the burden best suited for your shoulder, and will prove most effective to make you perfect in every good word and work to the glory of God. Down busy self, and proud impatience, it is not for you to choose but for the Lord of Love!

“Trials must and will befall—
But with humble faith to see
Love inscribed upon them all;
This is happiness to me!”

Morning and Evening - November 11

Public domain content taken from Morning and Evening by Charles H. Spurgeon.