Mornings With God

August 1

But as you excel in everything – in faith, in speech, in knowledge, and in all eagerness and in the love from us that is in you – make sure that you excel in this act of kindness too. — 2 Cor 8:7 NET

The giving of money has no unimportant place in religion.

It was distinctly said in the Old Testament that the bringing in of tithes and offerings would ensure the pouring out of the Divine Spirit. Jesus made it plain that His friends must be ready to lay their money at His feet at His call.

The members of the first Christian Church showed the most beautiful generosity toward the poor of their number, the rich selling their property and giving the proceeds to the apostles to supply the need of those who lacked.

In our reading today we have the lesson taught very plainly.

The Master began it. Though He was rich, yet for our sakes He became poor, that through His poverty we might be made rich. Giving is a grace, which may not be left out of the Christian life. The strong must help the weak.

The love of God does not dwell in that man who, with plenty of his own, sees his brother have need and shutteth his heart’s compassion against him.

Mornings With God - August 1

Public domain content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.