Daily Strength for Daily Needs

November 7

I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision. — Acts 26:19 WEB

The Lord our God will we serve, and His voice will we obey. — Josh 24:24 WEB

I will shun no toil or woe,
Where Thou leadest I will go,
Be my pathway plain or rough;
If but every hour may be
Spent in work that pleases Thee,
Ah, dear Lord, it is enough!

All these longings and doubts, and this inward distress, are the voice of the Good Shepherd in your heart, seeking to call you out of all that is contrary to His will. Oh, let me entreat of you not to turn away from His gentle pleadings.

The fear of man brings a snare. By halting in our duty and giving back in the time of trial, our hands grow weaker, our ears grow dull as to hearing the language of the true Shepherd; so that when we look at the way of the righteous, it seems as though it was not for us to follow them. —J. WOOLMAN.

Daily Strength for Daily Needs - November 7

Public domain content taken from Daily Strength for Daily Needs by Mary Wilder Tileston.