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April 13

They Came unto Him

Now Jesus went up the mountain and called for those he wanted, and they came to him. — Mark 3:13 NET

That is the way Jesus is doing continually—standing and calling men to come to Him. And here we see the way every one who hears His voice should answer,—leave the world’s company, step boldly out, cross over the line and take his place by the side of Jesus.

There are several things to be said about the way these men responded to Christ’s call. They did it freely. Although He had chosen them out of a whole nation, and called them, there was no compulsion laid upon them to go with Him. They could have refused if they had chosen. Christ never makes disciples by force. We must be willing, and must choose to come to Him.

Then they responded promptly. There was no hesitation. They said nothing about considering the matter for a while. They did not talk about being unfit or unworthy. They did not tell Jesus they were afraid they could not continue faithful. They did not say, “To-morrow we will go.” The moment they heard their names called they answered.

Then their answer was given in a way that could be understood. Whenever they heard the call they stepped out with firm tread, and crossing over the space between the crowd and the Master, they joined themselves to Him. It was not done secretly. They did not wait till they were alone with Him, and then tell Him quietly that they had resolved to accept His invitation. They did not propose to become His disciples, and yet stay among their old friends, and keep on at their old business. They immediately separated themselves from the people about them and went over to Him, putting themselves absolutely into His hands, to be His and to do His bidding so long as they lived. This is the way these men started, and this is the way everyone should start whom Jesus calls to be His disciple.

Daily Word of God - April 13

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.