Daily Word of God

December 13

Ministering Women

Many women who had followed Jesus from Galilee and given him support were also there, watching from a distance. — Matt 27:55 NET

These were the earliest of a great and noble army of holy women, attached to Christ by deep, personal love, following and ministering to Him. In all the ages since, Christian women have shown like devotion and constancy to Christ, and like heroic love in serving Him. The record of woman’s ministry to Christ is one of the brightest in all the world’s history. Woman owes an incalculable debt to Christ. He has lifted her up from base thraldom and from degradation.

Woman has always been grateful too, and has served Christ with great devotion. Women are found in every sickroom, bending over the sufferer with unwearying solicitude, with matchless tenderness ministering to bodily comfort, and pouring the warmth of affection upon feverish spirits. They are found in the wards of hospitals, and upon battlefields, moving like God’s angels in blessed, loving ministry. Christian mothers are following the Master and doing work which will shine for ever in glorious lustre. Christian teachers are doing in lowly paths quiet service which in God’s sight is nobler than that of many of earth’s famous ones.

Every where, too, there is field for woman’s ministry. Christ is no longer here in person to be served as He was served by these women that followed Him from Galilee; but in His needy and suffering followers He is ever present, and whosoever will may minister unto Him; for He said that in doing acts of kindness to the least of His we do them unto Him.

The practical teaching is in the picture which is here held up before every woman, inspiring her to follow Christ. Why will so many young girls choose a life of idle display, of aimless, purposeless existence, of mere dressing, promenading, and trifling, when such a life of glorious service is open to them?

Daily Word of God - December 13

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.