Daily Word of God

December 6

The Divine Legacy

So when Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing there, he said to his mother, “Woman, look, here is your son!” — John 19:26 NET

This was the third word spoken by our Lord from the cross. Not far away, in some quiet spot amid the multitude, stood a little group of His dearest friends. Most of them were women. As His eye looked down upon them He saw among them His own mother. Verily, the sword was piercing through her as she beheld her divine Son on His cross.

As Jesus saw His mother in her deep grief, though suffering untold anguish Himself, His heart went out in compassion and love for her. He thought of her unsheltered, as she would be, when He was gone. He remembered what she had been to Him in His tender infancy and defenceless childhood as she had blessed Him with her rich self-forgetful love.

“Stripped of everything,” says Godet¹, “Jesus seemed to have nothing more to give. Nevertheless, from the midst of this deep poverty He had already made precious gifts: to His executioners He had bequeathed the pardon of God; to His companion in punishment, paradise. Could He find nothing to leave to His mother and His friend? These two beloved persons, who had been His most precious treasures on earth, He bequeathed to one another, giving thus at once a son to His mother and a mother to His friend.”.

In this beautiful act of our Lord we have a wondrous commentary on the fifth commandment. Every young person, or older one, with parents yet living, who reads this fragment of the story of the cross should remember the lesson, and pay love’s highest honour to the father or the mother to whom he owes so much. No suffering or pain of our own should ever make us forgetful of our parents, and we should honour them to the last moment of their life.

1: Miller is probably referring to Paul Godet des Marais, Bishop of Chartres, France; 1647 - 1709.

Daily Word of God - December 6

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.