Daily Word of God

July 18

Never Forgotten

He saw them straining at the oars, because the wind was against them. As the night was ending, he came to them walking on the sea, for he wanted to pass by them. — Mark 6:48 NET

It was a long night for the tempest-driven disciples; they were in great distress. But Jesus was only trying them; He saw their struggle and danger. He put up prayer for them. Then at length He came to rescue them.

It is the same in every Christian’s life. Sometimes Christ seems to have forsaken His people. For a long while they are left to struggle alone and to be driven back by contrary winds. They call, and get no answer. The night wears away, and it is almost morning. Then at last He comes.

When people are in sore trouble of any kind they are like those disciples that night out in the midst of the sea. No human aid can reach them. Human friends eagerly want to help, and they come to offer sympathy and consolation. But in such hours the most helpful of us are only like men standing on the shore of a dark and stormy sea, while our friends are far out on the wild waves. We cannot go to them to give help or rescue. Our little boats cannot ride in the mad surges. All we can do is to stand on the shore, as it were, and look with pitying eye and heart at the struggling ones in the angry sea. That is the very best that the richest human love can do. A father stood on the shore opposite the wild cataract, and with anguish unutterable saw the boat that bore his own son swept into the angry torrents, and could do nothing.

Thus it is in all life’s deep needs. It is in such hours that we realize the blessedness of Christ’s power to help. He can go out on any wave, into the wildest sea, to reach those who are driven and tossed. He can carry help to all who are troubled. He can comfort in any sorrow, and give victory in any strife.

Daily Word of God - July 18

Public domain content taken from Come Ye Apart by J.R. Miller.