Mornings With God

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September 21

I thank my God every time I remember you. — Phil 1:3 NET

It has been noted that the Philippian church never gave Paul any anxiety.

Most of the churches founded by him lay heavily on his heart at some time or other. They had quarrels, and he had to be peacemaker. Or there were cases of wrong–doing, and he had to bear the burden. But the Philippian church was happy in itself. There were no wranglings’, no dissensions. Paul got only joy and comfort from this church. Here he thanks God for it.

It is a great thing to live so as to be a comfort to our friends, to those who love us and live for us. It is a great thing for a church to be a joy to a pastor, never to put thorns into his pillow. It is a great thing for children to be a comfort to their parents.

A father was just saying that not one of his children – now all married and settled in life – has ever caused him an anxious day or a sleepless night. Why should we not set for ourselves the aim always to be a comfort to our friends?

Mornings With God - September 21

Public domain content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.